What on Earth do we think we’re doing here?

Your mom. Seriously, have her add me on facebook.  When I get done with her dusty birth canal, we’ll treat you to some webcomics.  We’ll make some obscure references, we’ll point out the blatantly obvious, we’ll talk good movies and bad movies, video, board, and role playing games. There’s no such thing as too far, just too sensitive, ask your mother (did she add me on fb yet?).  The characters are loosely based on myself (Matt) , Don the artist and Jeremy our cartoon-like over-competitive gamer friend. Come watch our geek bromance blossom (we’ll even reference Joey Lawrence).

How it came to this…

Donald and I grew up together in scenic Fontana, CA where the major export 80 mph gusts of wind and methamphetamine. There wasn’t a lot to do there–other than meth. We played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, and went to the movies. During the Dnd games I would run, Donald often would draw something hilariously stupid his character did or was about to do. Fast forward ten years, a very bored Don starts asking me to write something funny for him to draw. Lot’s of research and encouragement from friends and girlfriends later, here we are. I’d like to thank Joel from www.Hijinksensue.com for making his experiment so readily visible and free, I can’t tell you how much it helped reading about his wins and loses on his journey through a series of tubes, that led to his his own little niche on the internet.

How can I help Don and Matt get their sticky mirth covered hands all over the internet?

Honestly if you like us, speak from the heart, gut, wang(frankly whichever organ of yours we make tingle) and post about us on some blogs, forums you frequent, your facebook/twitter. Copy, nay, steal one of our strips and put it into a cleverly crafted email to friends and coworkers–make sure to include a link to our site. Our work and ideas are put into the strip all for you interwebs, all we ask is that you link back to us to our main page, or the page you pilfered it from. I firmly believe that geek word of mouth is a stronger force than, well, The Force.  May your force be with us.

Who’s Responsible for this?

Donald Poquiz – Artist
Learned to ferment milk, break into underground passages and stalk people at UCSD. If you want to see some of the process and other things Don is up to, check out the BLOG
If you like our stuff he is available for freelance work contact don (at) straightfacecomics (dot) com

Matthew Barak – Author
Dropped out of four different colleges that would probably rather not be mentioned.
If you’re interested in hiring a writer for just about anything contact matt (at) straightfacecomics (dot) com