This is me trying on our comedic stretch pants. Hopefully this will exemplify most of what we do here. Naturally before we started publishing these comics online I showcased some to some coworkers and family. Not everyone got that the buildings in the posters were supposed to be the 11 in the 9/11, but I really didn’t want to dumb it down.

I know comics are short little bytes of giggle but hopefully I’ll have some things on occasion that appeal to the thinking man as well as some terribly low class/offensive stuff. Being that we hope to be both a high and low brow chud of a comic, we hope that all subjects are on the table.

I’m big on movies and a geek of pretty high caliber so we’ll probably see some DnD stuff in here eventually. And although I don’t really condone the practice, perhaps even some larping. If you haven’t seen it go rent/netflix Role Models. This movie really does a good job of explaining why the Larp happens and what it’s about.

Please for the love of god if you haven’t seen Ocean’s 11 put it in your queue as well, savage.

-Matt (the fat one in the strip)

Thanks to all of you below for your input.  It helped us polish the site and comic prior to going live.
That Other Matt
And Don (the skinny guy in the strip and Artist.) For talking me into writing something for him to draw finally.

Here’s another Ocean’s 11 spoof from the youtubes, I couldn’t help but post it I loves me some muppets.