I will be in Seattle later today for my Pax trip.  If you are signed up for Pax Assassins, Jeremy, his brother Jason, and I will be there to kill you.  If you are not mine enemy, feel free to twitter @straightfacing and we can meet somewhere at Pax, bullshit about the comic, or whatever.  First person to do so and find me will get a Post Card Sized mini print of our Truck Nutz Make Me Giggle comic and Bazooms! I’ll even sign it if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Like so many businesses before it, Disney chomps down on the power pill that is Marvel.  What can I say that hasn’t been said? Pixar making near replica perfect Graphic Novels would be swell.  It’s going to be cool, that if they wanted to, Disney is a large enough company to fund Marvel printed comics even at a loss.  This kind of reminds me of when Wizards of the Coast bought Dungeons and Dragons from TSR.  It preserved something I loved, that didn’t seem like it was going to last on it’s own.  Sure it changed, but at least it’s still around.  I’m not a fan of fourth edition and it’s combat system.  But then I’d still run games using THACO, if people wouldn’t stone me to death with pocket protectors filled with d20s and lead miniatures. For now my Tuesday game is being played with 3.5 rules.  Looks like we’ll all play the waiting game and see how much change Disney will wrought.