We write our comics a few weeks ahead sometimes, so this means that inevitably things will get bumped.  This is the black hole of extra clearance values where they will end up.  Also from time to time we may have some freebie stuff in here such as greeting cards etc as a thanks for your support.

Poster: Gamer Fail Excuses

Click on the image to download the Printable Black and White version.

BINGO CARDS: Gamer Fail Excuses

Click on the image to download: Set 1

Set 2

Greeting Card: A Message of Love

Click here to DOWNLOAD the COLOR version to print

Greeting Card: The Bane of Christmas Trees

Click here to DOWNLOAD the COLOR version to print

Bonus: Patrick Swayze comic

I wrote the strip for Sept 17, but Matt felt it needed more umph. Here is the version he came up with on the fly from just a 5 minute conversation.

Greeting Card: Swine Flu

I’ve seen it’s all over the twitter, it’s been a been a comic, now we at Straight Face Comics bring you the Swine Flu Greeting Card! A foldable printable grayscale version is available at our new Extras section. Help stop Swine Flu at it’s source. Please feel free to pass the blame onto your filthy and clean friends alike.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the Gray Scale version


Here’s the original Ocean’s 9/11 comic:

Here’s  the follow up.  Because we ended up using the first comic as our test comic we decided not to us it as content on release day.  This left us with a tough decision for our follow up to it.  In the end we decided that no one would want to scroll back 2-5 comics back to get a joke and one that wasn’t our best at that.  However if read together it’s not so bad.

*update – reduced the size so you can now see it within the site, but you may want to click on the image to get the actual size – Don